“Something about today seems super happy,” Melissa McCarthy said on the red carpet of the 91st Academy Awards. The “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” star was nominated for best actress and also presented the award for best costume design.

“It doesn’t always feel like that,” she said. “There’s a real kind of joy, which is nice. When you’re with several thousand people and the overwhelming feeling is happiness, that’s pretty good.”

To get the nomination for a dramatic role instead of her usual comedic ones, McCarthy said, felt “dreamy.”

“You want to be able to go where the flow takes you, and I’m a character actress so I wanna go where the characters take me. And knowing that I can do this and everyone seems okay with it is really something. It means a lot to me. I came up doing so much drama that to go back to it was quite enjoyable.”

In regards to the overall messiness of this year’s lead-up to the big night, McCarthy had a humble perspective to offer.

“Someone has to poke fun at it so we’re not just all patting ourselves on the back,” she said. “I think it’s really fun when you can somehow celebrate all the work, celebrate the creativity and the storytellers, and also still take a good couple of swings at people.”

But did she bring any sandwiches this evening like she brought to the Golden Globes? “I’ll never tell,” she said.