In the crime drama “The Kitchen,” Elisabeth Moss and Melissa McCarthy play mob wives who must take over their husbands’ shady business and learn how to look out for themselves. After being used to having their husbands take care of them, the women thrive and soon grow into powerful crime bosses of their own. Speaking to Variety’s Angelique Jackson at the movie’s premiere, the two actresses discussed how they learned to stick up for themselves in the entertainment industry.

“I was talking the other day about the value of the word “no” and how as a woman, especially in this industry, you have to learn it’s okay to say “no.” It’s okay to ask for what you want, people aren’t going to get mad at you. Honestly, who gives a s— if somebody calls you ‘difficult,'” said Moss. “If you’re asking for the right thing, and you’re being fair and you’re asking what’s best for the project, then you’re in the right place, and I think that’s a lesson that I had to learn.”

McCarthy echoed Moss’ sentiments on the power of saying “no.”

“Every time you take a step up, you learn to speak up for yourself a little more and you learn to ask for what you know is right. The biggie is saying ‘no.’ I think it’s a very scary thing when you say ‘no’ and walk away from something when you know it’s not just to what you’ve earned,” she said. “That to me was the biggest step, when I finally said, ‘Thanks, but I’m going to say ‘no’ because I deserve and I’ve earned better.’ You have to be willing to take that risk.”