Allyship has been one of the most helpful shifts in bringing about diversity, equity and inclusion, said Vernā Myers, Netflix’s vice president of inclusion strategy.

“When people get busy becoming an ally they discover all sorts of powerful things and they become part of the solution,” she said during episode nine of Variety‘s Rebooting the Entertainment Industry series, sponsored by PwC and Ad Council, on Tuesday.

The episode covered “The Entertainment and Media Workforce,” specifically focusing in on diversity and equity in organizations creating media. Other panelists included Ben Lopez, executive director at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers; Blair H. Taylor, a PwC partner for people and organization and co-lead of diversity and inclusion; Craig Robinson, external vice president and chief diversity officer at NBCUniversal; and Christine Simmons, chief operating officer of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Though it’s been a decades-long conversation across industries, Simmons emphasized the important changes that are being made to how companies are handling employees and employee diversity.

“Many folks are already, in our communities, disproportionately affected by COVID … and then to layer on top of that the social injustice and challenges that we’re facing head on in real ways,” Simmons said. “So I think the conversations have been heavy. I think that they’ve been more honest than they probably had been in the past, and I think that it is looking at the system a lot more than it is looking at the people.”

Watch the full conversation in the video above.