Technology is rapidly advancing, and entertainment and media companies are looking to capitalize on the fresh opportunities to incorporate new tech strategies to drive businesses and brands forward.

Creating lasting relationships and connections with the consumer base is a key objective, according to WWE senior VIP of strategy, revenue and development Scott Zanghellini.

“We’re always thinking about what we can give fans outside of the lot of events and outside of the content that we give. We’re sitting on a gold mine of IP, from superstars to historical collectables. There’s so much in the ecosystem,” Zanghellini explained at Variety’s Virtual Winter Entertainment Summit.

Those new technologies include NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, as well as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Tech giant Snap has been hyper focused on AR in recent years.

“When we talk about technology, it’s not something that’s a fad, it’s something that’s a long-term, multi-year, decades long investment,” Jeff Miller, Snap’s senior director of global creative strategy, said. “And we inherently believe that AR is going to be the core to how people not only communicate, but actually seek out utilitarian experiences, shopping experiences, entertainment experiences, moving forward.”

Miller continued, “And we have a really engaged community that’s using AR every single day, over 200 million Snapchatters are using AR on our platform. And with that community, we’re focused as we think about new technologies, how do we invest in that community in a way that will deliver rich experiences that they value? So ultimately everything we do is grounded in that framework.”

Companies need to adapt in this environment, and WarnerMedia is jumping in on the action. “We provide content in a lot of the ways that we’ve always provided content, whether it’s streaming or linear. And we realize now that we need to be more immersive, whether it’s online or offline or combining those,” said Patty Hirsch, WarnerMedia EVP of consumer and digital platforms.

Creating the right platform experience with products will be also an integral part of Samsung’s strategy this year. “Our theme for the upcoming year across all of our products, it’s really about personalization, especially how just sort of the world’s been evolving,” head of product marketing Lydia Cho stated. “Samsung created a new NFT platform, which is going to be the world’s first platform on your TV that you can explore and be the marketplace aggregator. And it lets you browse, preview, purchase NFTs. So, it’s really a great solution for creators who want to share their artwork [with] the world.”

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