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Sometimes, Maya Rudolph has to remind herself that she is not, in fact, Kamala Harris.

“People mention [Harris] and they mention me too. It’s pretty delightful, but I keep reminding myself like, ‘Henny, you are not Kamala,’” Rudolph said on “The Big Ticket,” Variety and iHeart’s podcast. “But I’ll take it. It’s a nice person to be associated with.”

However, Rudolph is so good at impersonating the politician on “Saturday Night Live” that it earned her an Emmy nomination. She also received two more nods for playing The Judge on NBC’s “The Good Place” and voicing Connie on the animated series “Big Mouth.”

Rudolph and Harris have never actually met.

“We publicly exchanged niceties after she said something really funny and cool on Twitter after I did her on ‘SNL’ and saying that she hopes I play her for eight years,” Rudolph said. “It’s so wild because I am not running for vice president and I am not a senator and I have not done the remarkable things that Senator Harris has done and yet I am getting a lot of praise and so much goodwill as though I was running for vice president. It’s hilarious.”

As for this year’s general election, Rudolph believes there is hope to be had for a brighter future.

“You know what? I’m not going to lose hope,” Rudolph said. “When I heard that Kamala was running, I was like, ‘Oh, what’s that sensation in my body. It feels foreign. Oh, this is hope, like maybe we can do this.'”

Watch the full conversation above.