During a panel titled Marketing and the New Data World Order, executives in media and commerce discussed the relationship between marketing and data, as well as emerging trends within their fields.

The panel, moderated by Mark Borao of PwC, took place at Variety’s Innovate Summit. It featured Kelly Abcarian of Nielsen, Bridget Davies of Ebay, A&E Networks’ Ethan Heftman, and NBCUniversal’s Kavita Vazirani.

Davies, who is Ebay’s VP of marketing, activation, and advertising in the Americas, said the company has 177 million global buyers over 190 markets and that commerce platforms like Ebay are “the next big thing in advertising,” even if people don’t realize their influence just yet.

“It’s because of the data,” she said. “Commerce platforms like Ebay have a really specialized data set, this is data on what folks are searching, what they’re buying, what they’re watching — transaction-level data that gives us just a richness to be able to harness as we think about solving for advertising partners.”