In Variety’s new “Talk of Fame” video series, Mark Hamill discussed his tweets to President Donald Trump, the potential for a new Luke Skywalker, and his voice acting talent ahead of receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When he’s not appearing in a box-office hit, Hamill is active on Twitter, responding to fans and, of course, taunting Trump. Hamill has yet to receive a reply from the President — or been blocked — and he thinks he knows why. “I have theory that if he doesn’t see his name, it’s off his radar screen,” Hamill said. “I’m probably on a list somewhere in the White House.”

With the successes of recent “Star Wars” films “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi” and the upcoming spinoff “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” fans of the franchise have considered new actors to take on the role of Hamill’s iconic Luke Skywalker. Hamill said he was “flattered” that Sebastian Stan’s name has been mentioned  because “he’s way more handsome” than him. Hamill said if the storyline of the potential movie followed the life of a very young Luke, he would like “Room” actor Jacob Tremblay to inherit the character.

Hamill also recalled filming a scene in “Star Wars: A New Hope” when his character, along with Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia and Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, are trapped in garbage chute. He said while shooting the following scene, he noticed his hair was too perfect, considering the group had just struggled to escape. Hamill used his voice talent to imitate Harrison’s sense of humor. “Hey kid, it ain’t that kind of movie,” Hamill said impersonating Harrison’s voice. “If people are looking at your hair at this point, we’re all in big trouble.”