Networking at parties is about as Hollywood as it gets — but those random encounters and exchanges rarely actually lead to anything. That’s why Ming-Na Wen is still a bit surprised by her luck when at one such event, she was introduced to “The Mandalorian” director Deborah Chow. And before you know it, Wen was in “The Mandalorian.”

Wen says her pal and “The Joy Luck Club” co-star Tamlyn Tomita made the introduction, knowing what a big “Star Wars” fan Wen is.

“We ended up talking and we had a lot in common,” she says. “And then we eventually got around talking about ‘Star Wars.’ Now events like this, when someone says, ‘you would be amazing’ for a part that they’re looking for, nine times out of 10, you’re just like, ‘OK, great, thank you.’ But lo and behold, [‘The Mandalorian’ exec producer] Dave Filoni calls my team and says they wanted to offer me a part. As they say, the rest is history.”

Wen appears on Variety’s new video series “Up Next” presented by Facebook to shine a spotlight on Chow, and the big things that are likely coming for the rising director.

Wen says she was immediately impressed by Chow on set: “There’s a quiet force to her that is so calming. And it comes from such an incredible, sincere place. I was just proud when I met her. She was smart. She had clarity of her vision.”

Chow proved herself in “The Mandalorian,” so much so that she’s now showrunning and directing every episode of Disney Plus’ “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” “I can’t say enough about her. Nobody makes it in this business without working your ass off. And she does,” Wen says.

“When you have someone in charge as a director, you need someone who’s not only just a good leader. You need someone who is humane and fair and patient, and is able to get the acting and the collaboration of everyone on set. And Deborah just has that gift,” Wen adds. “You could be the most talented director in the world with the greatest vision, but if you don’t have those people skills, you can’t make the project as good as it can be. So I think anyone who wants someone like that, Deborah Chow is an easy choice.”

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