HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” revamped the monster known as the shoggoth, based on the original creation from H.P. Lovecraft’s horror fiction books.

While sitting down for Variety’s Making a Scene, presented by HBO, creator and showrunner Misha Green expanded on the show’s parallels between the racism lead characters experienced and what they went through when fighting off the supernatural beings.

“I knew that I wanted to pay homage to H.P. Lovecraft,” she explained. “The metaphor is they’re in a sundown town and they can’t be there after dark as a Black person, and that is the real life horror.”

When it came to the creature itself, she noted that “the original shoggoth is a blob that moves around and we said, ‘Nope we want something much scarier that’s coming after our people.'”

Along with Green, series stars and Emmy nominees Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett and visual effects supervisor Kevin Blank broke down the series premiere sequence in which the shoggoths are able to come out of hiding once the sun sets.

The sequence starts with some very real historical horror as a couple of small-town, white police officers have Atticus (Majors), Leti (Smollett) and Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) down on the ground with guns pointed at them. Things take a turn into the fantastical — but also add an extra level of danger when the shoggoths appear.

These creatures are a combination of a gorilla and a tiger in their movements, Blank noted, and they feature a lot of eyes all over their bodies, as well as a mouth full of sharp teeth he described as both like a shark’s mouth and like a wood chipper.

When facing this creature, Atticus’ time in war helped, Majors said: “That Atticus sprint is a war-learned, survival technique.”

Since the shoggoths are vampire-like creatures, they are weak against light and therefore only come out at night. Leti and Atticus use car headlights, flashlights and flares to hold them at bay.

Smollett spoke of the characters’ attempts to chase the Shoggoths down by antagonizing their Achilles heel.

“If you have any last ounce of gas in your tank, you’re using that for the battle,” said Smollett. “Atticus and Leti are literally two soldiers on the front lines battling these shoggoths.”

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