SPOILER ALERT:Do not read if you have not yet watched Episode 5 of “Lovecraft Country,” titled “Strange Case.” 

As “Lovecraft Country” continues to show, the most terrifying monsters are the man-made ones, namely white supremacy, racism and homophobia. In Episode 5, titled “Strange Case,” Ruby Baptiste (Wunmi Mosaku) is able to, temporarily, transform into a white woman and experience the privilege that that can afford, while Montrose Freeman (Michael Kenneth Williams) seeks solace with a secret lover, who happens to be a man. 

Williams tells Variety that portraying Montrose’s sexuality is an integral part of his character, a heavy-drinking father recently reunited with his estranged son Atticus (Jonathan Majors). 

“The thing about Montrose is he never really got a chance to find what his sexuality was,” Williams tells says. “The way that he was beat into a box of a perception of what the Black man was supposed to act or sound or look like — there was no space for him to explore or define anything. He never really knew what he was, so we find that’s where a lot of his bitterness comes from. His angst comes from that.”

Mosaku, a British Nigerian woman, was able to find universality in Ruby’s experience as a Black American in the Jim Crow-era South. 

“I think it’s our duty as artists to kind of build bridges and talk about the larger issues that affect us all. I mean, I am a black woman living in America,” she says. “I’m not African American, and I don’t have this cellular memory of the ancestors, and the history here, but I do have an experience of being Black in America. I think it’s important to tackle the huge oppressor and poison of white supremacy that is a factor in all of our lives.”

Watch the interview with the stars of “Lovecraft Country” above.