With movie theaters beginning to reopen in Los Angeles at 25% capacity, L.A. moviegoers are celebrating the return of their favorite pastime. Variety‘s senior writer Matt Donnelly visited the AMC Theatres in Century City to check in with patrons about going back to the movies.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a year, so this is the first thing I wanted to do,” one patron, named Bronte, said.” I work in a restaurant so I get to do that all the time, but coming to the theater, that’s like something special.”

Other customers said they find it difficult to watch movies at home now after a year of being confined to their living rooms.

“Movies aren’t the same when you watch them in a living room or in a computer, it’s a completely different feeling in a theater,” a moviegoer named Jesus said.

Brandon, who was at the movies with his young son, is glad to see the return of theaters so that they can make more memories together as a family.

“Me and my little guy… that’s just a thing that we share together,” Brandon said. “So now that the movies are back open, I was really anxious and I’m super excited to get him back in here so he can watch that film on the big screen and get that experience.”

As for COVID-19 safety within the theaters, the customers said they were impressed with the measures being taken to ensure sanitization and social distancing.

“There’s hand sanitizer everywhere, so I feel confident bringing my family here,” a patron named Ronnie said.

“It’s kind of nice, when you book online it’s already blocked off so you know you’re going to be a safe space away from people in the theater,” Bronte added.

But perhaps most of all, moviegoers were excited to get their hands on the buttery popcorn theaters are known for.

“The popcorn’s really good, it’s always about the popcorn,” a customer named Christian said.

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