Power of Women honoree Lorde’s definition of power is being multifaceted, but it absolutely covers being in control and leading the charge. “People are only going to listen to you if you speak up because you’d said it’s important to you,” the singer says. “You’ll always regret not being involved.”

“I feel so empowered being involved in all the different areas of my job that traditionally would be left to someone else, whether it’s something like lighting my show, directing videos, graphic design,” Lorde says. Another key skill for navigating the industry is the ability to stand up for yourself. “Being bold is vital because people are only going to listen to you if you speak up,” she says. It didn’t always come naturally to Lorde. “It’s hard for me – I’m shy, I’m a shy girl. But, you always regret not being bold, and you very rarely regret toughening up and doing it.”

Education is another way of uplifting young women into the music industry, according to Lorde. “So much could come of teaching women how to produce and how to use technical equipment,” she says. “Women need to be valued for not just the emotional nuance they bring to songwriting, but also technical skills.” In addition to being a self-proclaimed “fountain of emotion,” Lorde prides herself on being “a really good producer.” Most significantly, the singer-songwriter credits other female artists with emboldening her. “Whether it’s someone like Britney [Spears], who we’ve all seen go through this terrible thing, or Fiona Apple. There’s always someone who came before you taking it on the chin.”

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