Summer is slumber party season, and Logan Browning, star of “Dear White People,” has the recipe for fun that will keep you up all night.

No slumber party is complete without movies, and Browning knows what to look for in a perfect slumber party movie: Memorable lines, so you can watch it over and over. People figuring out their relationships, but not too dramatically. “A slumber party movie cannot take itself too seriously,” she says, “even if it is a dark comedy.”

“You’ve got to have good music,” says the “Dear White People” star. “You need a controlled environment. Something like a school or summer, when everyone is in a certain space because you kind of want to live in a heightened reality. You kind of want to have these larger-than-life characters.”

Browning selected three slumber party movies with terrific young heroines for her short list.

“Clueless”: “You can never watch ‘Clueless’ too many times. Cher was just sure of herself and cared about people. Even when she’s talking about the ‘Haiti-ans,’ she is still very passionate. She actually really cares about her friends and cares about the environment. When her world starts to crumble around her in the climax of the film, her answer to it is helping others. I want to be that person.”

“Dirty Dancing”: “I can relate to Baby loving her dad and wanting to please him, but realizing that this is actually an opportunity for her to separate herself from the image that her dad is creating for her and be her own person. You see her progression from, ‘I’m not sure,’ to being like, ‘I’m going to shake my maracas.’ She’s just living.”

“Election”: “I just like Reese Witherspoon because I also would want to play Tracy Flick. … She takes over that scene and takes over this adult. You do hold onto to its themes and you do want to go back and watch it again.”

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