Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped by Variety’s Sundance Studio to discuss “Siempre, Luis,” a documentary directed by John James that puts the spotlight on his father, Luis Miranda, a political adviser and Puerto Rican advocate.

Upon watching the movie for the first time, Luis Miranda said, “I realized what Puerto Rico has gone through since Hurricane Maria after fiscal crisis and failed governments to see the pain the island has gone through was very moving and sad.”

While at the studio, Lin-Manuel Miranda also discussed his upcoming “In the Heights” adaptation that will be directed by Jon M. Chu (“Crazy Rich Asians”).

“The lesson I got from Jon is we’re allowed to take up space with our stories,” Lin-Manuel Miranda said. “He used his post-“Crazy Rich Asians” capital to say, ‘No, we get to take a big swing.’ This story, which could very easily have been this indie tiny musical about this neighborhood, [he] was like, ‘This deserves a big swing. And this deserves to be as big as any of the other movies out there.'”

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