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Lili Reinhart has risen to television stardom with her role as Betty on the CW television show “Riverdale,” but even she sometimes struggles with body image.

“I’m really passionate about body positivity right now because it’s even just something that I’m still trying to discover on my own: being okay with my body at whatever weight that it is and feeling confident and beautiful,” she said in an interview for Variety‘s 2018 Power of Young Hollywood.

Reinhart also criticized Photoshop on social media as the source of unrealistic body images for young men and women. Women don’t need to be thin or have big lips to be beautiful because most people don’t look like that, she added.

“You’re just being force-fed this image and being told that it’s beautiful and perfect and you believe it because that’s what you see,” she said. “Not everyone looks like that; most people don’t. It’s just the image that is being thrown at people right now.”

Reinhart also spoke about her “Riverdale” character’s recent association with the Serpent gang – in the Season 2 finale, she’s given the title “Serpent Queen,” but that doesn’t mean she’s going to become their leader, she said. Although Betty will continue to be an ally, she will still drink vanilla milkshakes and prefer sweaters over leather jackets.

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