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In the Variety Streaming Room, hosted by senior correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister, TV stars gathered virtually for the actors showcase panel as part of Variety and Sony Pictures Television’s Virtual FYC House.

Panelists, including Deborah Ayorinde, who plays Lucky Emory on “Them”; Laz Alonso, Mother’s Milk on “The Boys”; Lamorne Morris, who portrays Keef on “Woke”; David Lim, who plays Victor Tan on “S.W.A.T.”; Hill Harper, Dr. Marcus Andrews on “The Good Doctor”; and Krys Marshall who portrays Danielle Poole on “For All Mankind,” discussed how the pandemic has shifted their outlook on acting and the importance of diversity in Hollywood.

“Having community and a sense of togetherness, it’s in the the marrow of the bones of what makes us human beings,” Ayorinde said. “Being able to watch shows and feel like even for a moment, you get an escape, but you also get a chance to feel like you’re not in this alone … it’s imperative.”

Speaking about his own role on “The Good Doctor,” Harper paid tribute to frontline workers, who he said don’t get paid enough for enduring long hours and high risk.

“Doing a show that’s set in a hospital, playing a frontline healthcare worker, is almost like an olive branch of thanks to all these folks who, for a year, put themselves in harm’s way and are the true heroes of this whole pandemic,” Harper said.

Discussing the diversity of “S.W.A.T.’s” writers room, Lim emphasized the importance of Asian American representation, especially in “positive” roles.

“I definitely feel a huge responsibility as an Asian American actor playing an action hero,” he said. “I didn’t have anything like this when I was growing up, to see myself being represented in a way like this, so I’m thankful that I can give it back now to the next generation.”

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