Lady Gaga has written hundreds of songs, but she said few are as honest as her most recent hit “Shallow” from her lead role in “A Star Is Born.”

“It’s been kind of shocking and amazing to watch people latch onto that song so much because it’s, I feel for me as an artist, one of the most authentic things I’ve written,” she said during her Variety Actors on Actor interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Gaga attributed the song’s success to the parking lot scene that accompanies its origins in the film. In it, Bradley Cooper’s character sits on a curb listening as Gaga’s character performs a few verses from the song. Although unassuming at first, Gaga said the scene is important in that it shows a man simply listening to what a woman has to say.

“This is a conversation between a man and a woman, and he actually listens to her,” Gaga said.  “And I think we live in a time when this is something that’s really important to women. Women want to be heard.”