Changing consumer entertainment consumption patterns, accelerated by the pandemic, may create new opportunities and challenges for audience engagement, according to Deloitte’s latest Digital Media Trends Survey. Sharing survey findings at Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Breakfast, presented by Deloitte, Kevin Westcott, the company’s Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology, Media and Telecom Leader, explained, “What we found in most cases with some form of crisis is that trends are accelerated. I do believe that streaming is going to become an absolute all entertainment delivery…The gaming question, I’d like to see how that evolves. The youngest generations have always been gamers, but this Gen Z is so far more above where the previous generations work. Does that diminish over time, or does that become a permanent behavior?”

Generation Z has a particularly large appetite for video games, in contrast to older demographics.

Westcott continued, “Surprisingly, when I look at the Gen Zs, playing video games is their number one [form] of entertainment activity followed by listening to music, browsing the internet and engaging on social platforms. Watching TV shows is their fifth most popular item. So that’s a radical change from where we were. Gen Z is using video games much more so during the pandemic to stay connected with their friends, because video gaming has now become a very social activity.”

Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Breakfast, presented by Deloitte, also featured award presentations to the marketing teams behind “Sound of Metal” and “Lovecraft Country,” which were recognized with Variety’s Social Impact Marketing Awards for film and TV, respectively.