Kenneth Branagh discussed the joys of working with Judi Dench both behind and in front of the camera in his Shakespeare film “All Is True.”

“At the end of the film, they ask Shakespeare when he’s quite ill, what would he like to do today, it’s his birthday. And he quotes a bit from ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream,'” Branagh recalled during a Q&A at the Variety Screening Series.

Branagh admitted to making a small mistake when reciting the quote. “As I said this, the great know-it-all Judi Dench to my right lit up because she was so thrilled that I’d got it wrong,” he joked.

The slight error ended up making it into the film.

“I said to her, which was improvised, ‘You probably know the rest of this, don’t you?’ And she immediately lit up further, and she said, ‘And there the snake sheds his enameled skin, weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in,’ which made me laugh and her laugh and the girls laugh, and that’s in the movie,” Branagh said.