Kendrick Lamar opened up about why Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” resonates so much, his love of playing basketball, and how he drew inspiration from Tupac during a behind-the-scenes interview for his Variety cover shoot.

Lamar explained that Tupac’s music was more than just words.

“Tupac inspired me just the simple way of how he put his words together,” Lamar said. “You really felt them, you felt the passion behind them. They meant something, not only to him, but when you heard it, you actually got a full experience rather than just words. You actually felt his words. That’s something that I was inspired to put in my music.”

Lamar added that “All Eyez On Me” is probably the album he goes back to the most.

“Just because I got memories of certain individuals that was playing that record all day, every day. So [it] kinda holds a special place in my heart, certain songs.”