Keke Palmer is giving “work from home” a whole new meaning.

After keeping fans entertained and uplifted during the coronavirus pandemic with new content on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram Live, and releasing two new songs, Palmer celebrated the launch of her latest series, Quibi’s “Singled Out” reboot, on Monday.

“I think I’m one of those people that feels like the only way to deal with things is to try to laugh. And so that’s kind of how I do myself,” Palmer told Variety’s Angelique Jackson, joining the “Variety After-Show” to discuss the show’s launch. “Things are different right now and I’m trying to figure out what to make with my time and I just started getting silly and I share it. … If someone’s going to come to my page, I want them to at least know they’re going to get a laugh and have some fun, no matter what’s going on. That’s the best I can do or offer.”

As for her personal social strategy, Palmer explained, that “content-wise, it’s gonna always be a wild card. You never know what to expect from me on there. It could be a sketch, it could be a monologue, it could be story time … so expect the unexpected when it comes to all that jazz.”

For now, Palmer and her “Singled Out” co-host, comedian Joel Kim Booster, are bringing the laughs with an updated take on MTV’s classic dating show, where contestants choose their partner from a pool of 30 eligible singles, who must answer racy questions and participate in silly challenges to prove their worth. But this time, the whole dating drama unfolds in just 10 minutes, instead of a 30-minute episode, as part of Quibi’s strategy to provide audiences with “quick bites” of content to consume.

But what content is Palmer — who also co-hosts “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke” — consuming on her own time in self-isolation?

She’s bingeing everything the true-crime genre has to offer, calling out HBO’s Robert Durst series “The Jinx,” Netflix’s “Tiger King,” Showtime’s “Dexter” and Netflix’s “You” — pitching her ideal role when Variety asked who she’d want to play in the serial-killer drama’s third season.

“I would play the girl he’s stalking and then I would take Joe out — I’d be like, ‘Joe, it’s time for you to be done. I would go straight Zayday Williams-style from ‘Scream Queens’ in a second,” Palmer quipped.

For more on how Quibi’s “Singled Out” pays homage to the original MTV dating show and how it’s been updated for a more modern audience, watch the full interview.