Kathy Griffin has plans to cement her comeback. The controversial comedian, who suffered a devastating career blow in 2017 after posing with a mask that looked like Donald Trump’s decapitated head, hopes to sell her self-funded documentary to a distributor at SXSW this month.

In a candid interview with Variety, Griffin shares her reasoning for creating her film, “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story,” and overviews the backlash she received in light of that fateful photo.

“What I’m very acutely aware of is that I’m tied to that photo for the rest of my life,” Griffin said. “I hear about it from people every day. People confront me in the street, think I’m in ISIS. Trump supporters constantly say things to my face every day that are kind of unimaginable. And then I go home and I go, ‘Okay, really? ISIS member?’ So many variations of that has happened that I’m realizing this was something that was a smear campaign.”

Griffin goes on to describe the two-month federal investigation she endured in which she was put on the no-fly list. Griffin was finally exonerated after being interrogated under oath.

“I of course feel like a lot of this is because I’m a 58-year-old woman,” Griffin admitted. “I’m a successful stand-up comedian, which really flies in the face of everything Trump and his folks believe in. I’m in a male-dominated field. I don’t have studio behind me, I don’t have a network, I’m not part of a movie franchise — no one’s gonna come in and save the day.”