Kate Hudson and Glen Powell are movie stars who moonlight as drinking buddies. They first met through Hudson’s brothers, who are also actors: Powell co-starred with Wyatt Russell in Richard Linklater’s 2016 baseball comedy “Everybody Wants Some!!” and shared the screen with Oliver Hudson on Fox’s slasher series “Scream Queens,” co-created by Ryan Murphy. 

And 2022 proved to be a major year for both Powell and Kate Hudson. His career soared to new heights after he played a naval aviator in two different films — the prestige biopic “Devotion” and the rip-roaring Tom Cruise smash “Top Gun: Maverick.” Hudson, who reveals herself to be a huge “Top Gun” fan, marks a return to richly comedic work as a loony socialite in the “Knives Out” sequel, “Glass Onion.”

Kate Hudson: We’ve known each other a while now, because you did “Everybody Wants Some!!” with my brother Wyatt. And you guys went to Austin and had what sounded like a total party. And then you went and did “Top Gun,” which we talked about when you got that movie, because the first one was everything. It defined so much of how I see boys.

Glen Powell: Oh, now it all makes sense.

Hudson: You did the movie and then there was COVID. And then “Top Gun” came out and blew everybody’s socks off. It was the first big theater movie.

Powell: I’ve journaled about all this stuff because it’s hard to describe. I was prepping for that audition for months. I was living on naval bases. Then I didn’t get the role — Miles Teller got the Rooster role. And then this whole situation where Tom Cruise is pitching me a new role.

It took a year-plus to actually shoot the movie. Tom’s a perfectionist, and so he was like, “We got to get it right.” And I saw the movie, and then COVID happened, and I was like, “Oh, man, we’re sitting on this awesome thing.”

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