Elizabeth Olsen (“Wandavision”) and Kaley Cuoco (“The Flight Attendant”) sat down for a virtual chat for Variety‘s ‘Actors on Actors.’ For more, click here.

HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant” and Disney Plus’ “WandaVision” — starring Kaley Cuoco and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively — are both examinations of complicated women at their breaking points. In “The Flight Attendant,” Cuoco’s Cassie, a charmer who’s been bruised from a traumatic childhood, hits an alcoholic bottom after waking up next to a dead one-night stand in Bangkok, and becomes a murder suspect. In “WandaVision,” Wanda Maximoff, a Marvel Cinematic Universe character Olsen has played since the 2015 movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” is a grief-stricken superhero grappling with the loss of the love of her life, Vision (Paul Bettany).

Watch the full conversation above.