Director Judd Apatow describes himself as the “anti-David Fincher.”

“I’m not the person that thinks you need to do 10 or 20 takes to get rid of all self-consciousness, to drain the actors so that they become so pure and in the moment,” the “King of Staten Island” helmer revealed on Variety’s Directors on Directors series.

“I love it, I mean, what’s better than ‘Zodiac?’” Apatow continued. “When I see a Coen brothers movie, and people are like, ‘They have storyboards for the whole thing and they don’t change one comma.’ Nothing would break me faster than if you told me I had to make a movie and not change everything constantly. I don’t believe in myself in that way.”

Partnered with long-time comedic actor Jason Bateman, who began his directing career at the age of 18 and recently took a turn for the serious by directing and starring in Netflix’s “Ozark,” the duo broke down their entire process from the page to the edit bay. Learn how to give Adam Sandler a proper line read, what to tell your editor after a long day of shooting and how to fight the urge to make everything about “a bag of money and a gun.”

Watch the full conversation above.