John Krasinksi says everyone should have a little part of them that feels like they could be Jack Ryan.

“There’s something about Jack Ryan that I think is such a great hero for right now. He doesn’t have a cape, he doesn’t have stuff flying out of his hands, he’s just a guy with his brain and his instincts,” Krasinski said during his Variety cover interview.

According to Krasinski, Ryan is like the United States’ James Bond.

“Less sex!” he said, “but he’s our James Bond.”

He revealed that since he’s seen the Jack Ryan films before, he decided not to watch them to prepare for the role. And, he says, Alec Baldwin is his favorite portrayal of Ryan in “The Hunt for Red October”: “You always remember your first.” Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine have also played the role in the 1992 and 1994, 2002, and 2014 iterations, respectively.

Krasinski’s role as Ryan marks the first time the novels have been adapted for television, which he said he considers a good move.

“The idea of doing it on long form television was really interesting to me because the pitch to me was, maybe movies isn’t the best medium for Jack Ryan because you gotta pack so much into two hours,” Krasinksi explained, “whereas Tom Clancy’s books were so rich with detail and specificity about who he was and what he’s going through, so you get to play with a lot more of the same tone that the books have.”

The “A Quiet Place” star also talked some of the highlights of preparing for the role. Not only did he train with an Olympian rower on the Thames, but he also got to visit CIA headquarters.

“Certainly being at the [CIA] building was something that I’d always wanted to do,” he said. “Obviously I knew that they’d dedicated their lives to the idea of the agency, but when you actually meet them, these people are a much more diverse group than you’d imagine and a much more apolitical group than you’d imagine, which is really refreshing. I think the idea of caring about the country in a bigger, more idealistic way instead of a political way.”

“Jack Ryan” premieres on Amazon Prime Video Aug. 31.