When it comes to the 2020 election, “Utopia” star John Cusack believes everything is at stake.

“The right to any future at all, democracy — [I] would say pretty much everything is on the line,” he said in an interview with Variety‘s Audrey Cleo Yap.

Cusack, 54, said Democrats and Republicans would benefit from watching Ken Burns’ documentary “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” which unpacks President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policy.

“That wasn’t that long ago. That’s what we need to do,” Cusack said. “We need to get back to New Deal sanity and have a correction. We won’t have any chance of doing that if we give into fascism. And that’s what we have — we have lawless fascism.”

The “High Fidelity” actor also urged against voting for President Donald Trump: “Regardless of what you think, you can vote Trump out. Definitive and moral imperative good is to remove this very dangerous, sick man from power.”

Cusask previously spoke out against Trump, tweeting that he is “playing for an exit strategy – that keeps him from jail” and that his only remaining supporters are racists. Following Tuesday’s presidential debate, the actor also declared he will be blocking anyone on Twitter who isn’t “aggressively anti-Trump” until the election is over.

Earlier this year, the outspoken social and political activist tweeted a conspiracy theory about the dangers of 5G networks and how they can weaken human immunity, making people more susceptible to COVID-19. The actor has since deleted the post.

Cusack currently stars in Amazon Prime Video’s “Utopia” as Dr. Kevin Christie.