While preparing for the role of Oliver Hardy in his latest film “Stan & Ollie,” John C. Reilly says he was stumped when it came to how the character would appear in the film.

“Normally when you play a character, one of the first times you start to make decisions or at least discuss some of the different parts of the character is when you’re engaged about the costumes,” Reilly says during a Variety Screening Series event. “But we couldn’t engage about the costumes on this movie until we figured out the body of this person.”

Unfortunately, Reilly says, there aren’t any naked pictures of Hardy, but he was able to draw some inspiration from the late comedian’s nickname.

“His nickname was ‘Babe’ because he looked like a chubby baby from the time he was a chubby baby to the time he was a grown man,” Reilly says. “And I started looking at pictures of chubby babies online and started sending chubby babies to Mark Coulier, the makeup designer, and the costume people, and I was like ‘this is it! This is the shape of his body!’ Because it actually was. Once that exterior part was done, and that was all done before we started shooting, then my work really began.”