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Jim Mickle and the Cast of 'We Are What We Are' at The Variety Studio: Cannes Edition

“We Are What We Are” writer-director Jim Mickle and cast members Wyatt Russell, Bill Sage and Julia Garner talk with Variety’s Steve Gaydos at The Variety Studio: Cannes Edition at Chivas House about their film, an English-language version of Jorge Michel Grau’s 2010 film.

“I didn’t love the idea of remaking somebody else’s film, but it was such a great, cool concept, “says Mickle, adding that his film “is very different from the original. And we kind of pitched it to the director, to Jorge, as a companion piece.”

Variety film critic Guy Lodge says this version of “We Are What We Are” is “sufficiently divergent in tone and narrative” from the original and that “genre buffs will dig in with gusto; mainstream auds may find it more of an acquired taste.”

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