The 2014 comedy “Obvious Child” brought together the stars and creative team behind the Sundance film “Landline.”

The “Obvious Child” trio of Jenny Slate, Gillian Robespierre, and Liz Holm reunited on the project, which “Landline” stars Edie Falco, Abby Quinn, and Jay Duplass said influenced their decision to join the film.

Writer-director Robespierre said her own upbringing inspired the New York-set family comedy.

“It’s also a story about kids growing up in New York in the ’90s because I grew up in New York in the ’90s,” Robespierre said. “It was a special moment — it was before the peep shows left and it was sort of the wild west below 14th Street. New York was a little bit grittier and sort of changed in step with my family changing. We thought there was some poetry in that.”

The group stopped by the Variety Studio presented by Orville Redenbacher’s, at the Sundance Film Festival.