Before the 2022 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams dropped a promo styled after a heist movie trailer. Although that may seem out of left field, the decision was made in order to help the team stand out this year by adopting the ethos of Hollywood, said the Rams’ Chief Commercial Officer Jennifer Prince.

“We don’t have top draft picks, so for us to stand out in conversation, we do things differently,” Prince said at the Variety Entertainment Marketing Summit, presented by Deloitte. “This was a great articulation of that Hollywood style — Dennis Quaid, Scott Eastwood, Josh Holloway and Tyrese Gibson, plus 24 Rams employees were in this. About 50 different Easter eggs that were dropped; 12 of our partners are integrated into this.”

Prince was joined in a panel conversation with Terry Feit, a partner at Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Deloitte & Touche LLP. The panel, moderated by UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Jay Tucker, was titled “Evolving Sports Entertainment Marketing,” and saw the two discuss how entertainment marketers can use digital and interactive experiences to engage with sports fans and evolve sports marketing strategies.

During the discussion, Prince said that working for an iconic Los Angeles sports team like the Rams has caused her to take inspiration from film marketing and strategies in her own work. As another example, she pointed to how SoFi Stadium, the Rams’ home since 2020, uses its Infinity Screen to engage with fans and consumers.

“The Infinity Screen is 70,000 square feet,” Prince said. “It is double-sided. It’s 4K. It has 80 million pixels. It’s the largest screen in the NFL. The experience it brings to the stadium is incredible. The Infinity Screen is great for not just when you’re in your seat, but also thinking about the consumer experience from when you are getting there.”

The Variety Entertainment Marketing conference was held in Los Angeles on May 24. Watch the full conversation above.