Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon revealed why they were attracted to starring in “The Morning Show” during the Variety and Apple TV Plus Collaborations panel.

“That world was fascinating, and timely, and ripe. And then it just became even more so as the time went on,” Aniston told Variety awards and features editor Jenelle Riley.

Aniston plays Alex Levy, the successful co-anchor alongside Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) on the titular “Morning Show,” while Witherspoon plays budding reporter Bradley Jackson.

“For me, it was this woman who’s been doing this for years, and years, and years,” Aniston said. “And is hitting that point where she’s starting to lose relevance, and she’s starting to get a little bit lazy. I think that’s where she has to emerge, once this crisis happens at work. It’s a big wake up call for her. Also, the world of news anchors — these people that wake you up every single morning, giving you the news, telling you that it’s going to be okay . . . and, yet your own personal world is just falling apart, or by the wayside.”

Witherspoon said she spent a lot of time reading to prepare for the role, including Brian Stelter’s “Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV.”

“It pulled back the curtain on salaries, pay inequity, the way women were rated by focus groups but the men anchors weren’t,” Reese said. “How you aged out as a woman when you were 40 years old and basically were put out in a field even though you were a credibly viable journalist and probably just starting to really wake up to what was interesting to you.”

Witherspoon says “Morning Show’s” storyline was responsive to real headlines.

“Harvey Weinstein happened, and all these other things happened, and Matt Lauer came, and we had to pivot all over the place because the whole world changed,” Witherspoon said.