SAG Award winner Jennifer Aniston didn’t always get every job she auditioned for, “I wanted to be a waitress at the saloon restaurant in New York City,” Aniston told Variety. “You had to be in roller skates. It was a really horrible audition.”

The recent Instagram convert, Aniston was hesitant to lavish too much praise on putting it all out there on the gram, “I wouldn’t say I’m loving is the right word, but it’s enjoyable.” But the actress’ feed —  populated by past “Friends” co-stars — has caused a riot amongst the sitcoms army of fans. Alas the Aniston wasn’t ready to give any details about a possible “Friends” reunion, “We are friends! So we happen to have dinners together, and that’s OK.”

As for the series recent resurgence thanks to Netflix, Aniston is absolutely into it. “I think it’s kind of incredible,” she said. “I’m excited about it. All of my friends’ children all of a sudden I’m a cool auntie, as opposed to ‘just Jen.’ I’ve sort of hit a cool factor, which is nice.”