Jennifer Aniston’s production company Echo Films, which she started with co-creator Kristin Hahn, wasn’t met with the respect it has now claimed. “When we started doing this around 14 years ago, it was sort of looked upon as, ‘Oh, isn’t that so cute?'” Aniston told Variety. “And it took us a while to be taken seriously.”

However, the Power of Women honoree believes that this reaction if changing for women today, That’s also something that I think is different is that that wouldn’t happen, “It’s not that hard today for women to have their phone call taken.” Aniston’s latest endeavor from her production team, “The Morning Show” will launch Apple Plus’ television streaming series. The series, which stars Aniston and Reese Witherspoon was also directed by Mimi Lede with Carrie Aaron, as the showrunner.

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