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Jeff Goldblum on Dogs, His Instagram
Jeff Goldblum on Dogs, His Instagram

Jeff Goldblum on Dogs, His Instagram and Advice for His Younger Self

What is the essence of Jeff Goldblum?

“There’s a note of spontaneity, certainly, there’s a note of affectation, there’s a note of musky chocolate, some leather. That’s all pure Goldblum,” the actor told Variety during a recent sit-down, jokingly smelling his wrist.

Goldblum also weighed in on the cult-like following surrounding him, saying “it escapes me.” He proceeded to go through his Instagram using the hashtag #JeffGoldblum, finding a photo of himself as a centaur and drawn in a Vincent van Gogh style.

In light of his new film “Isle of Dogs,” he revealed a sad story about his childhood dog Ginger, a chocolate-colored poodle.

“One day it nipped a kid on a bicycle and one day we came home and my mom said ‘The dog is gone, it had to go. The chief of police came and good news, it’s going to live with him on his farm in upstate Pennsylvania,’ which we now know is the code word for ‘we killed the dog,’ Goldblum said. When it came time to get his current dog, Woody, he got the same type as the one he lost during his childhood, a poodle.

“You know you have to be careful with kids, can’t fool around like that, can’t kill their dogs and then fib to them about it, oh my gosh,” the actor warned.

As for his advice to his younger self? “Stay off the coffee.”

Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs,” starring the voices of Bryan Cranston, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, is out now in limited release and hits theaters nationwide April 6.

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