Jason Blum, the producer behind horror hits like “Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge” and “Get Out,” is transitioning to TV. This pivot to the small screen includes a collection new content including several political dramas including series on Stephen K. Bannon.

In a recent sit down with Variety, Blum talked meeting with Bannon for his upcoming project and moving beyond scary movies into political content.

“I’m deeply personally upset with what’s happening in the world, and I look for any possible way I can try and change it,” Blum said. “The tool at my disposal is we make TV shows and movies, so that’s the tool that I use to try to change people’s point of view about what’s happening. And we have this wacko, bananas president, I feel it’s everyone’s duty to do whatever they can to try to shine a light on it and get rid of him, so that’s the way I do it.”

And when the horror aficionado was asked who he deemed scarier between Fox creator Roger Ailes and “Halloween” slasher staple Michael Myers. The answer, Ailes.

The Blumhouse Productions head also spoke about the cultural and political impact he saw with “Get Out,” saying, “I think ‘Get Out’ made people think about race in a different way. I think one of the things that I also shine a light on is I think the left is very hysterical and I think that hurts our case. I’m on the side of the left but I think a lot of the problems on the left are caused by the left wing itself, and I think ‘Get Out’ was a non-hysterical, very thoughtful, super entertaining movie that certainly changed the way some people think.”