Lady Gaga has taken inspiration from many, but a certain role of Jamie Lee Curtis’ had a “major impact” on the singer and actress.

At Variety and PBS’ “Actors on Actors,” Lady Gaga said she was inspired by Curtis’ part in “True Lies.” Curtis gave her a bit of behind-the-scenes info: while “True Lies” director James Cameron has many talents, there’s a couple of things he can’t do.

“I will tell you this: Jim Cameron is a very talented man,” Curtis said. “He can do every job on a movie better than any crew person ever could do. There’s one thing that he cannot do, and that’s act and dance.”

Lady Gaga went on to describe the impact “True Lies” had on her, and said people often joke and ask her about her “American Horror Story: Hotel” sex scenes.

“I said, ‘You Know what? You try to do that. You try to have sex with someone you don’t know that well, or fake sex, in front of 30 people holding lights in a throng, covered in diamonds and a wig,'” she said.

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