James Scully plays Forty Quinn, whose parents own a health food store in Los Angeles, in the second season of Netflix’s drama series “You.” Since Scully plays a so-called expert on green foods in the show, Daily Variety host Audrey Yap puts him to the test with a health food tasting challenge.

However, his taste buds didn’t agree with many of the green drinks presented to him, like one made with orange juice, lemon, ginger, chlorophyll and cayenne.

“It looks like when you are painting with water colors and you have a cup of water next to your water colors,” said Scully as he pretended to dab an imaginary paintbrush into the murky green beverage.

Another drink made with lemon, apple and ginger had Scully reacting strongly to the taste.

“I like that. It really goes right back to the molars. My sinuses are clear, they’re opening up,” he said.