James Franco and “The Disaster Artist” screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber spoke about the inspiration behind their movie at Variety’s Screening Series presented by FilmStruck.

Before he was halfway through reading the book “The Disaster Artist” — written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell about the making of Tommy Wiseu’s cult hit “The Room” — Franco said he knew he wanted to tell Wiseu’s story. “It had all the ingredients I want as a director,” Franco said.

While Wiseau has praised Franco’s performance, Weber revealed that the “The Room” mastermind isn’t his own biggest fan. “He definitely doesn’t like me,” Weber joked. “He called me Mr. Nosy Hollywood Guy Who Thinks He Knows It All.”

Franco said this is the first time he’s worked with his younger brother Dave, who co-stars in the film, in this capacity. Given James Franco’s past projects, he said, it took a little convincing to get Dave on board.

“He had said no to me a few times,” Franco admitted. “Yeah, I did some weird movies he didn’t want to be a part of.”