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Cats vs. Dogs: 'Isle of Dogs'
Cats vs. Dogs: 'Isle of Dogs'

Cats vs. Dogs: 'Isle of Dogs' Cast Answers

The cat’s out of the bag: Jeff Goldblum is a dog person.

Prior to the premiere of Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion film, “Isle of Dogs,” members of the voice cast told Variety whether they prefer dogs or cats.

After declaring himself a dog person, Goldblum, who voices Duke, channeled his “Jurassic Park” character Dr. Ian Malcolm, defending all animals. “We must be kind to and coexist peacefully with all species, even ones that aren’t cuddly and seemingly there to charm us,” he said.

Others, like “Isle of Dogs” screenwriter Jason Schwartzman, had trouble picking a side.

“Can’t I love dogs and be more of a dog person but still love cats?” Schwartzman mused, explaining that he never had cats growing up.

Bob Balaban, the voice of King, sniffed out subtle tendencies toward dogs, even among cat people.

“The best thing many people can say about a cat is, ‘That cat is such a good cat, it’s almost like a dog!’” he said.

Meanwhile, Kunichi Nomura opted for a none-of-the-above stance. “I’m more of a monkey person,” he said.

The cast brought other animals into the mix, as well. Both Goldblum and Balaban expressed their affinities for sharks.

“I like all animals, frankly. I even like sharks, but I’d rather not be alone with one,” Balaban joked.

“Isle of Dogs” hit theaters Friday.

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