Oscars After-Party By The Numbers: 800

Inside the Governor's Ball: Breaking Down Oscar's Most Glamorous After-Party

A pastry team headed by Wolfgang Puck crafted 6000 chocolate Oscar statues for the 2018 post-Oscars Governors Ball.

A team of 16 party planners made preparations for several months leading up to this year’s ball, which will take place Sunday after the Oscar telecast. By the actual day of the ball, that number will rise to 1000 crew members, Cheryl Cecchetto, the event producer and president of Sequoia Productions, told Variety.

“We wanted to celebrate 90 years of Oscar — 90 years of the Academy Awards — but 90 years of filmmaking,” said Lois Burwell, the Academy Governor and Awards and Events Committee Chair, prior to the the ball.

The event will feature an elaborate food and drink selection, which offers staples like macaroni and cheese with black truffles, caviar tins, 800 lobsters, and 30 whole salmon, according to Master Chef Puck. And all that food and beverage will require an appropriate amount of utensils, including 6 thousand cocktail forks and 13 thousand glasses.

Pastry chefs molded the star dessert — the golden, chocolate statues – 9000 times, only 6000 of will make it to the actual ball in the pursuit for perfection.

A invite list of 1500 is welcome to attend this year’s Governors Ball, which includes all Oscar-winners and nominees, as well as show presenters and other telecast participants.

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