How do you make an audience relate to the plight of a severed hand? The filmmakers behind “I Lost My Body” had to tackle the unique problem in their movie, which earned an Oscar nomination for animated feature.

“It’s not the body missing the hand, but it’s the hand missing the body. Giving the conscience to a severed hand metaphorically was powerful in terms of telling a story about the fragmentation of the mind. I was looking for a story that would be decidedly driven to an alt-audience,” said producer Marc du Pontavice during the Variety Screening Series. “I was fascinated by the concept of having an audience caring for a character that only has five fingers to express itself.”

To animate the hand, director Jérémy Clapin said he used the severed hand named Thing from “The Addams Family” as a reference to give the appendage a personality.

“It wasn’t only about how to animate the hand, but also about how to frame the hand. How to put the camera, how to follow the hand through the sets. I wanted the audience to discover the world as the hand discovered the world. Experience the world with the tips of the fingers. So most of the time when we are following the hand, we are in the hand’s point of view,” he said.