In May, Michelle Williams revealed to Variety that one of the projects she’s most eager to be part of is a sequel to “The Greatest Showman,” the 2017 musical about the life of P.T. Barnum that saw her star opposite Hugh Jackman. At the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his new film “The Son,” Jackman spoke to Lang about William’s comments, and revealed he was also down for a potential followup to the beloved musical.

“There’s always a chance, I’ve done a few sequels in my time,” Jackman said in the Variety Studio presented by King’s Hawaiian at TIFF. “There’s no plan, there’s no script that I know of yet. But that’s good to know. Thanks Michelle.”

Jackman was joined at the Variety Studio by Florian Zeller, Zeller’s co-writer on the film Christopher Hampton and his co-star Laura Dern. In conversation with Variety executive film editor Brent Lang, the four discussed the emotionally fraught drama, which sees Jackman play a successful divorced father struggling to help his son through an episode of severe depression.

“The Son,” is an adaptation of Zeller’s own play, and a spiritual successor to the director’s 2020 film “The Father,” which earned Anthony Hopkins his second Oscar in the role of an elderly man with dementia. Jackman explained that he pitched himself to Zeller as the lead of the film, the first time he’s ever done so in his career.

“I haven’t done that before. I obviously saw ‘The Father,’ I heard that ‘The Son’ was gonna be made into a movie. So, I immediately read the play and knew in my gut that I had a compulsion to play the part,” Jackman said. “I think it appealed to me obviously as an actor but also as a father and a son. So I sent an email to Florian. I heard maybe there were some other actors being talked about so I said ‘Listen, if you’re already dancing with someone I’m not going to cut in on your dance, but if by any chance you haven’t I’d love to play the part, I’d love to talk to you about it.'”

“The Son” made its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 7, and plays at TIFF on Sept. 12. Sony Pictures Classic will release the film in theaters on Nov. 11.