The classic and beloved art of telling a scary story is put to the test in Shudder’s new horror movie “Scare Me.” The premise is small: two humans holed up in a cabin attempt to terrify the other by swapping scary stories. The only tools they have are their words and the odd sound effect made via writer and director Josh Ruben.

Ruben — a long time face in the “College Humor” online shorts —  joins “You’re the Worst’s” Aya Cash and Chris Redd from “Saturday Night Live” in the wilderness for this Shudder feature. So how did the two comedians get involved in this feature?

“I knew Josh Ruben socially through my husband and he has this place in Woodstock and we ran into each other on the street one day,” Cash explained. “We became friends so when Josh was like, ‘I’m doing me first movie!’ I said ‘Oh course I’ll be there as long as there’s not a really graphic sex scene between the two of us, I’m in!’ So he cut it [laughs]! No there was never a sex scene.”

Meanwhile Ruben was a fan of Redd’s work on “SNL” and “Popstar” and offered him the role without ever actually meeting the comedian, “I met Josh the first day we started shooting” Redd revealed.

What makes “Scare Me” unique is the fact that the narrative truly revolves around the storytelling capabilities of each actor. Every tale requires different voices, homemade sound effects and the odd, acrobatic leap across the room. The work had to be exhausting, but the cast claims the thrived on the fast-paced shooting schedule.

“It’s a lot of words, it’s a lot of language but we were allowed to improv, we were allowed to sort of try new stuff,” Cash explained. “But it’s ultimately just a movie of people talking.”

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