Singer, songwriter and Oscar and Grammy winner H.E.R. embodied drive, enthusiasm and energy as she sat down for Variety’s cover story interview and Changemakers keynote conversation.

She shared a few of her favorite things, and answered some questions about how she’s hoping to join the EGOT club before she’s 30 (she turns 24 on June 27).

Earlier this year, she appeared as herself in the Jennifer Garner film “Yes Day.” The experience whet her appetite for acting. Not only would she love to star in a movie, but she also revealed bigger plans in Hollywood.

“I would love to direct a movie,” she aid. “If I could direct and star in a movie, that would be amazing. That’s definitely on my bucket list.” She noted “First Wives Club” actor Jill Scott as someone who she would love to star alongside.

As for TV, inspired by HBO’s “Insecure,” she added that she would love to appear in a show “that touches on real-life experiences and something funny and relatable.”

The award winner has said she has something “in the works” for Broadway, and in the segment admits if she could do something Broadway-related, “It would have to be something that I create, my own ‘Purple Rain.’”

She’s referring to Prince’s famous 1984 film and album of the same name. It’s no secret that Prince is an idol to her. H.E.R. divulged that her favorite song is “Purple Rain,” and if she were to be stuck on a desert island, that album would be one of three that she would happily bring.

Musically, her collaborations continue to surprise. No genre is out of the question, whether it’s Ed Sheeran, Skip Marley or performing alongside country superstar Chris Stapleton. As her debut album “Back of My Mind” drops this Friday, she says she would like to collaborate with rocker Carlos Santana.

The multi-hyphenate also talked about skills acquired during quarantine, including her newfound culinary one – cooking the Filipino dish, Kare-Kare. “I learned how to make my grandmother’s dish. It has a lot of peanut butter, and it’s amazing,” she beamed.

Watch the full segment above.