In the sixth season of “Patriot Act,” which concluded on Sunday, Hasan Minhaj tackled everything from the coronavirus pandemic to the death of George Floyd and police brutality. The comedian/political commentator says he has always envisioned his show as having a global audience.

“When we were pitching the show around, we went to all the different platforms, all the streaming giants. And the reason why Netflix, to us, was a no-brainer was the fact that it’s in 190 countries,” Minhaj says on the “Variety After-Show.” “And it allowed me to break out of the cognitive framework of being in the late-night world with multiple Jimmys because I was not speaking to the North American audience anymore. I’m speaking to the world.”

The latitude he has by producing and hosting his own show allows him to dive deeply into topics, like the segment centered on Floyd from this season.

“I thought to myself, I said, ‘Man, if I was a correspondent, or if I was on ‘SNL,’ if I was on a ensemble variety show, I would never have the runway room to talk about the Asian American complicity in Black-white race relations in America.’ We just wouldn’t have the time to get into it,” he says. “But the fact that I have my own show allows me to have the runway room to say that.”

Watch the full interview with Minhaj on the “Variety After-Show,” where he details how he and the “Patriot Act” crew shot the latest season during quarantine.