For the second-season premiere of “Live From My Den,” singer-songwriter Girl in Red makes the most of her favorite interior space — giving the cameras a full tour of her bedroom-turned-home-studio in Oslo, Norway — but also heads out of town to the great outdoors to perform four of her most beloved songs from her grandmother’s farm.

Girl in Red’s combination of Q&A and live performance kicks off the “Live From My Den” season exclusively at, with episodes to follow from artists including Yola, Anderson East, Mickey Guyton and more.

The song choices from Girl in Red — non-stage name: Marie Ulven — include two selections from her first full-length album, “If I Could Make It Go Quiet,” released in April to great acclaim from everyone from Variety (the album made our midyear list of the 10 best albums of 2021 so far) to celebrity megafan Taylor Swift. In addition to those tracks, “I’ll Call You Mine” and “.” (yes, the title of that one is just a period), she also goes back to 2018 to perform two fan-favorite singles from before she made an album, “4am” and “We Fell in Love in October.”

Girl in Red has been acclaimed in part for the unflinching honesty of her songs, which has made her a role model to those who struggle with the kind of mental health issues she’s described in her songs, and also to young members of the LGBTQ community. “At the end of the day, it’s always just about the music for me,” she says. “Like, I don’t wake up and think that I’m a role model. I’m just another person trying to do something that they love doing. (But) if people want me to be a role model and they look up to me and they’re like, ‘Yo, this girl is dope!,’ then, hell yeah!”

In her studio tour, she points out a letter she received from Swift after the album’s release. Asked about how it felt to see her mentions suddenly flooded with praise from Swifties when she got a rave review on social media from the superstar for her debut, Girl in Red says, “That was insane when that happened. Like, I cried for an hour. I was so drunk, because I was having my album release party and we’ve talked a little bit after that as well. And I just think she’s an incredible artist and I’m such a huge fan of her.”

Her self-guided studio tour includes everything from “me as a action figure” to “the cheapest speakers I could find, because I’m that girl” and her favorite Fender guitars and basses. Moving to her other chosen “den” out in a field, she says, “I’m playing from my grandma’s farm … She’s out here right now picking a bunch of vegetables and stuff. I just love this place so much, and I feel like I, I can’t stop talking about it to my friends. And it’s so quiet out here, so I just feel like this is a really great place to be.” As it turns out, “4am” casts its spell at something closer to 4 p.m., regardless.