With a simple tap, Gigi Hadid can reach over 50 million people. And the international model is using her world-connecting runway for good.

The Unicef ambassador visited a refugee camp in Bangladesh for Rohingyas, the majority Muslim ethnic group fleeing Myanmar, in August of last year.

“Bringing my platform, bringing my social media to that trip was never about anything but telling the people that follow me what is still happening,” explains the 23-year old. “When I’m there I’m no one. It doesn’t matter. I’m there to share a smile. I’m there to share a moment with someone. Ask someone how UNICEF can help. Ask them what they need specifically. Ask to hear about their story.”

Hadid, who found fame in the modeling appearing in over 35 magazine covers (and counting), has found the fashion industry to be a much more accepting place than stereotypes from the past would lead the public to believe.

“I feel very lucky to be a model working in a time like this,” Hadid explains. “When you walk in a room people are really paying attention and remembering why and how they celebrate each person… It’s a time more about your woman crush Wednesday than your man crush Monday… Women are being celebrated for celebrating each other and I think that’s very important.” 

Hadid will be honored at Variety’s sixth annual Power of Women luncheon for her philanthropic work on April 5 at Cipriani Midtown in New York.