Ghetto Gastro, a Bronx–based culinary collective, stopped by the Variety Studio presented by Audible, to discuss their upcoming Audible project, “In the Cut.

Members Lester Walker, Jon Gray and Pierre Serrao aim to tell stories about food and celebrate all forms of culture. Serrao explained that the collective explores “different avenues of culinary entrepreneurship” with pursuits in releasing food products, kitchen appliances and books.

Following the release of their book, “Ghetto Gastro Presents Black Power Kitchen,” the trio’s latest venture is their upcoming Audible partnership, “In the Cut.” Gray explains the latest project is their way of encouraging people to explore food through a new, and unexpected, medium. Gray teases that “In the Cut” will include a type of ASMR, and audiences will “hear the chopping, hear the stories, [and] hear the history.”

Serrao says that the group wanted to extend these conversations into an audio format, so audiences could “eat with [their] ears.” Their goal is to have people feel hungry while they listen, by provoking audiences into thinking about the tastes and scents through “In the Cut’s” descriptions.

The trio believes “food is a portal” and “In the Cut” will take listeners through that portal and urge audiences to explore other cultures. Gray believes “food is often a window into a culture.” He adds, “We think food is a great starting point to come in and share ideas. It’s one of the first windows in the culture.” Gray adds how food allows people “to see how people live” and they believe the “In the Cut’s” use of audio will be great for “exploration and communication.”

Starting Feb. 2, “In the Cut” will feature the trio as they break bread with other experts from different cultures.