In Netflix’s “The Midnight Sky,” George Clooney — also the film’s director and producer — plays dying scientist Augustine Lofthouse. The year is 2049, the setting is the Arctic Circle, and before he dies, Augustine desperately wants to tell a spaceship returning to decimated Earth to go back to the inhabitable moon of Jupiter it had been sent to explore. In the forthcoming Sony Pictures Classics farce “French Exit,” Michelle Pfeiffer plays the arch socialite Frances Price, who also plans to die — after her money runs out, that is (thus the film’s title). Au­­gus­­tine and Frances would have nothing to say to one another, but Clooney and Pfeiffer chatted up a storm — about being working parents, their new movies and, of course, the 1996 co­­m­­­edy “One Fine Day,” which flopped at the time, but has since become a beloved rom-com.

Clooney and Pfeiffer sat down for a virtual chat for Variety‘s Actors on Actors, presented by Amazon Studios. Watch the full conversation above.